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Start your crowdlending business without huge investment into creating expensive peer to peer lending technology. Choose Crowdsofts – a white label crowdlending platform that can be customized to your business needs. Invest into sales and marketing, and trust your advanced crowdlending portal to deliver.

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White label crowfunding software


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We are Crowdsofts – your reliable partner in providing end-to-end intelligent automation of the entire crowdlending process. We achieve this with our software, which you can access as simply as setting up a subscription. With Crowdsofts, you will be able to start your crowdfunding business in no time.

Don’t get left behind and let the rapidly growing fintech sector elevate your business. Crowdsofts will keep you and your customers safe and up to date. Our platform complies with European KYC and AML regulations. It’s a cutting-edge technology, made to be user-friendly, cost effective, time-saving and to help you raise funds easily.

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Crowdsofts is more than just a peer-to-peer lending software. We are also a business partner that offers advantages to our clients and helps them grow.


We made our advanced crowdfunding portal to be highly scalable and robust. It comes with user-friendly backend that contains ready-made modules, which saves time and money on overall deployment project.

Time efficient

Instead of relying on banks, private investors or agencies, users can take control of their own crowdfunding strategy. A peer-to-peer solution helps raise funds for projects in no time.

Effortless fundraising

Successful development of online crowdfunding business rests on the efficiency of the platform. It plays a vital role in raising funds for an idea and converting them into a successful project. Crowdsofts is up to the task!

Cutting edge technology

Crowdsofts is built on proven technology that is trusted by other financial institutions. Present features of our platform cover most of crowdfunding process and we are committed to the constant improvement and updates.

Easy to use

Crowdsofts was built to be intuitive and does not require any specific skills or courses to use it to its full potential.

Dedicated support

We always look towards a long-term cooperation with our clients. That is why we offer dedicated customer support to fit our client’s needs. Our multi-lingual and multi-channel support will answer all your questions, diagnose and solve problems efficiently and offer real, attainable solutions.

Success stories

The Nordstreet crowdlending platform finances various business loans by mortgaging existing real estate or other assets.
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White label crowfunding software
A crowdlending platform that allows investment into heavy machinery as collateral.
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White label crowfunding software

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“Crowdfunding is a new and effective tool to finance various projects, avoiding long and exhausting communication with banks. As experience has shown, it is 10 times cheaper to rent the specialized software to launch your crowdfunding platform in less than 2 months” says CEO Tadas Budrikis.

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White label crowfunding software

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Why is it better to rent a crowdlending platform than to build your own?

We receive this questions quite often and thought we’d tackle it and show some of the advantages of renting out software such as Crowdsofts.

First and foremost is that renting out an advanced crowdfunding platform is cost effective. As you can probably imagine, end-to-end intelligent automation of the entire crowdfunding process can be tricky. Not only in terms of programming, which in itself requires experienced and expensive specialists in certain programming languages, the lending process itself, security specialists, high-end quality specialists that have broad knowledge not just of technical, but financial sector as well. There are also permits and licenses that must be authorized by local institutions in order for the white label P2P lending platform to ever see the light of day. The entire process is not time or cost efficient.

Even if a company has enough time and financial resources to go through and build a crowdfunding software, there are post-development expenses and returns of investment to worry about. Marketing and sales of crowdfunding services are essential to make the investment for building the software worthwhile. Constant development and updates will also be crucial, as it’s necessary to keep improving backend tech even post launch. If you built a crowdfunding software yourself, the development of online crowdfunding business rests on the user-friendliness of the portal, as well as your personal sales and marketing skills.

To outsource a crowdfunding software such as Crowdsofts means focusing solely on sales and marketing. The software will already be developed with excellent features that will help your business thrive. Not only that, the dedicated support will make sure the program is up to date, sees constant improvements and any questions you will have about its use and issues that arrive will be answered in a timely manner. In this scenario, all you will have to provide is a design that Crowdsofts can mount to personalize the look of your software. And that’s it.

Developing a crowdfunding software is a big investment with returns not guaranteed. We would always encourage any eager businessmen and women to focus on their strengths in sales and marketing, rather than endure the arduous process of software development. Crowdsofts is a company that can attest to the difficulty of this even when we do have all the brilliant specialists and know-how we need. Rather, we would help you adapt Crowdsofts to your business needs. Whether it’s personal loans, business loans, collateral loans or any other type of lending business, our customizable white-label crowdfunding software is ready to be molded to any financing processes you want to cover.

With strong client-facing interface and inclusive back-office features, Crowdsofts is the best solution to facilitating crowdfunding in any business sector. To find out how the process of acquiring such a software would go, you can always refer to our How it works page for details, or just contact us to talk in-depth about your needs.

Let Crowdsofts be your trusted fintech partner.