We are committed to quality and flexibility when delivering a solution to each one of our clients. General features of Crowdsofts ensure security, ease daily management and provide intuitive UI for the end user.

White label crowfunding software

Guaranteed transparency

Our portal complies with the high European standards for KYC/AML. We also developed it in compliance with general EU regulations for crowdfunding. The platform streamlines your investor and fundraisers registrations with fast identity and due diligence checks. By choosing Crowdsofts, you inherit the verified trust as a financial institution.

Powerful analytics

Crowdsofts is an advanced crowdfunding portal that provides investors and fundraisers with possibility of monitoring their investment portfolio, track their crowdfunding performance, browse transactions, view investment history, manage payouts. All analytics can be generated, exported and processed as necessary.

Streamlined management

Crowdsofts provides powerful back office that lets you take full control your crowdfunding business. As admins, your management team will be able to view the number of registrations and visits, manage fundraisers and investors, access overdue payments and offerings, control payment transactions and view uploaded documents.

Flexible integrations

we offer API-based third-party integrations. This is possible due to the way Crowdsofts is built. The software is fully customizable and can be adapted to any payment gateway or KYC provider you need. Consult with our team for your on-demand third party integration.

Payment management

Crowdsofts allows for centralized management of all your payments. By using our payment management technology, you will be able to receive and secure funds from many countries and automatically reconciliate your payment flows – all while tracking them in real time. You can manage loan and payout timetable, as well as use a flexible referral and cashback system.

Tax system

Crowdsofts is built in a way to be completely adaptable to local tax systems. We can provide tax deductions and documentation templates that comply with your country’s laws.

Secondary market

With Crowdsofts, your investors will have an ability to resell their investment. Each investor can choose to resell their share of the project to another investor in order to get their money back. It’s a great way to guarantee minimal financial loss for your clients.


For professional investors, Crowdsofts can provide investment flexibility and efficiency. Each investor can set their own parameters and allow the system to automatically invest in projects that fit those parameters.

White label crowfunding software

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Peer to peer lending technology

Peer to peer lending as a model hasn’t been around for very long, only since 2005. It’s an alternative source of funding for individuals and businesses, skirting around banks and other, traditional finance institutions. In short, peer to peer lending is a model of debt-based crowdfunding, which is facilitated by software platforms instead of institutions. These platforms match investors looking to grow their wealth via offering loans with individuals or companies looking to borrow funds.

Crowdsofts offers companies such software, developing them and renting them out for a subscription fee. Subscribers can then start their own businesses that are based on crowdfunding. Effectively, Crowdsofts is a software developer other companies can outsource their tech production to. We take care of all the software our clients need and support them long-term, so their business can run smoothly.

The way it works with Crowdsofts and many other peer-to-peer lending automation software is that together with the personalised software, the renter of the software greatly reduces the time they would otherwise spend in building their own tools for crowdfunding. All they need to do now is to reach out to the developer and choose functions that best suit you. This is a big leap for the fintech sector and many other businesses that would otherwise take ages to start off.

Crowdfunding platform for business is the base where every operation begins and ends. It’s secure enough to be trusted for financial transactions of many other people. In the legal framework, the loans taken through these crowdfunding portals are classified as unsecured personal loans, which means there’s no security or collateral needed to take out the loan. However, over the years since 2005, this has also changed.

When more and more businesses have started their own loan companies, they branched out to offer more than just personal loans. Now the development of online crowdfunding business takes as collateral housing projects, cars, heavy equipment, art and more. This type of crowdfunded lending is considered much more secure and white label P2P lending platforms have developed the technology to facilitate the collateral assets for loans.

Crowdsofts can offer functionalities for all types of P2P lending. The best part about our software is that it’s a highly customisable white-label crowdfunding software. It’s adaptive and can be shaped into anything our clients need.

If you’re new to the P2P lending business, outsource a crowdfunding software from us. Learn about how it works from our site and think of the features you will need for your crowdfunding business. With Crowdsofts, all you will need to worry about is the portal design, marketing and sales. All necessary functions will be taken care of by us. You will be able to use the powerhouse that is our back office of our software and get all the analytics and data to run your business smoothly. And if you run into trouble that you can’t find a solution to, our dedicated customer support will be available to help you with all questions.

Inherit the financial trust from Crowdsofts.