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“Crowdfunding is a new and effective tool to finance various projects, avoiding long and exhausting communication with banks. As experience has shown, it is 10 times cheaper to rent the specialized software to launch your crowdfunding platform in less than 2 months” says CEO Tadas Budrikis.

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Crowdlending software: the new middleman of lending

In the time where internet can solve a lot of problems, personal or business finance is becoming increasingly one of them. With more lax finance laws and availability of online borrowing options, crowdlending is removing traditional middlemen like banks and financing companies. More than ever, it’s easier to gain access to personal and business loans as fast as the next day.

Removing the middle party has multiple benefits for borrowers. P2P offers a useful alternative for those who have been rejected by the bank for a traditional loan, or who have been unsuccessful in finding business funding. It’s a fast way for borrowers to acquire the money they need, with the entire process accessible online. Successful loan applicants may even be eligible to receive funds the same day. Borrowers find benefit in fixed monthly payments and lower interest rates than from banks.

There are, of course, advantages for lenders as well. All investments made are relatively liquid, meaning all funds are relatively accessible at any time. If any investment was done into property, it could take months or even years to sell the property and get returns on the money. Of course, it’s not as liquid as keeping the money in a bank where it can be withdrawn at any time, but the balance of liquidity and high returns makes it a favorable option for many lenders.

Many investors choose P2P lending because in their view it’s a more ethical way to invest funds. In turn, they help others access seed money to start off a business, or a personal loan when banks have denied them funding. It’s also a way for investors to diversify their investment portfolio by investing outside of stocks and bonds.

How all of this is possible? It’s because of peer to peer lending technology like Crowdsofts. It facilitates quick and safe financial transaction between lenders and borrowers, all while keeping in check all the necessary steps, such as KYC and AML process, adaptation for local tax systems, reselling the investment and other processes in the investment world. For borrowers, it offers accessible and intuitive information about their own loans, repayment schedules and, in case of a business loan, their project investment status.

Yet, Crowdsofts is not a financial company. We are a software development company that offers white label crowdfunding platform for people and companies that want to get into the business of crowdfunded lending. Despite not being crowdfunding financier ourselves, our software is monitored and guaranteed by the national bank – a guarantee our clients inherit when renting out Crowdsofts from us. With Crowdsofts, you will be able to get into crowdfunding business of personal and business loans, art loans, SME loans, real estate collateral loans and any other industry that could benefit from this type of lending. We invite all individuals and companies to join the development of online crowdfunding business and expansion of this successful sector.

Inherit the financial trust from Crowdsofts.